On This Day: Miners statue unveiled at Burntwood in 2013

Scamp: The Miner and Pit Pony

Seven years ago, on Saturday 8 June 2013, the miner’s statue was officially unveiled at Sankey’s Corner, Burntwood. The statue, of a miner leading a pit pony, was the brainchild of the late Rob Bradbury, a very well known Burntwood resident, historian and councillor. Ron organised a succesful fund raising campaign, which took several years of hard effort and commitment, and resulted in sufficient funds being raised to complete the project. Peter Walker, now the Artist-in-Residence at Lichfield Cathedral, was commisioned to carry out the work.

The statue, sculpted in bronze, clearly demonstrates the long history and heritage of the mining industry in the Burntwood area. The mines were developed towards the end of the 19th century and both Chasetown and Chase Terrace both grew only because of the mining industry. The statue was given the nickname of ‘Scamp’ after the initials of the project to install it: The Sankey’s Corner Arts Miner Project. Later the names of over 70 Burntwood miners were added to a plaque which is placed alongside the statue. Hundreds of people gathered at Sankey’s Corner to witness the unveiling and Councillor Ron Bradbury was quoted as saying that ‘it has given the town a heart’.

Ron Bradbury was, at the time, the Chairman of Burntwood Town Council and Burntwood Chase Heritage, and was also a noted, and knowledgeable, local historian and a key member of the Burntwood Family History Group who met at the Old Mining College at Chasetown. Sadly Ron passed away in 2015 and a room at the Old Mining College, home to Burntwood Town Council, has been renamed the ‘Ron Bradbury Room’ in his memory.

For more information on Burntwood Town Council go to: www.burntwood-tc.gov.uk
For information on the Burntwood Family History Group go to: www.bfhg.org.uk
The statue is part of the City of Sculpture Arts Project in Lichfield District: www.thecityofsculpture.co.uk/sculpture/area/burntwood/burntwood-miners-monument/
Photograph courtesy of Peter Walker.

6 thoughts on “On This Day: Miners statue unveiled at Burntwood in 2013

  1. I recall the lovely sunny day well. So many local residents turned out to proudly welcome the fantastic miners statue to the area. Something they could call their own and an awesome tribute to their history.

    1. Thank you Jackie, yes it definitely was and it is a very fitting tribute to the miners and to the history of mining in the area.

  2. My father was a miner and lived in Boney Hay he worked at several local mines how do i get his name put on this memorial??

    1. Thank you Bruce. I would suggest contacting Burntwood Town Council in the first instance, they should be able to help you or pass you on to the relevant oganisation: telephone 01543 677166 Email: info@burntwood-tc.gov.uk I hope this helps, Jono at Citylife

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