It’s a Dog’s Life!

Rugeley Welfare for Dogs

Pauline Roberts and Ruth Dewis are quite a formidable force – the dynamic duo have been operating as Rugeley Welfare for Dogs for almost 13 years and have, to date, rehomed more than 635 dogs!

Rugeley Welfare for Dogs
Pauline and Ruth from Rugeley Welfare for Dogs, with Editor, Krissy (right)

It all began when the ladies met through their jobs and found they shared a passion for dogs. Together, they began donating to, and fundraising for, local dog rescues, kennels and animal welfare charities in the area, so when a work colleague asked the pair to help them find a new home for her dog, Ruth and Pauline knew exactly who to ask! It was this that started them thinking about setting up their own canine-focused rehoming service to help the many poor hounds that found themselves down on their luck and Rugeley Welfare for Dogs was born!

Rugeley Welfare for Dogs Fundraising
Ruth and Pauline at a fundraising event

The service that the organisation provides is quite unique as dogs that need to be rehomed are kept in their current homes until their new home is found. Ruth and Pauline employ a ‘dog matching’ technique to their search to ensure that owners and dogs are perfectly matched to each other – which means that the dogs are much more likely to find a forever home. Each and every dog that is put up for rehoming will be visited by the ladies so they can see it and assess whether it has any special requirements, such as being homed somewhere without children; needing a one-to-one relationships with a person; or perhaps having a few behavioural issues that need to be addressed. In fact, they even fund a dog behaviourist to work with any animals that need a little help, so that all dogs are given a real chance in life and no dog is turned away.

Once a dog has been rehomed, the organisation will keep in touch with the new owners as much as possible to ensure that the dog is thriving in its new territory, and also to make sure the dog has everything it needs to live a happy life. If owners are struggling for food and supplies, Rugeley Welfare for Dogs will step in and help as much as it possibly can.

Sponsored Dog Walk
A sponsored dog walk takes place at The Red Lion

The organisation is entirely funded by donations and fundraising endeavours, with Pauline and Ruth, dedicating every spare minute of their time to promoting their services and getting funding in. Every last Saturday of the month they hold a dog walk at The Red Lion in Longdon, with the pub kindly providing bacon butties and beverages to all who attend, in return for a small donation. You can also find the ladies at Curborough Car Boot Sale throughout the spring and summer months, where they sell bric-a-brac and donated items to raise money for their cause.

If you can help this remarkable Rugeley couple, either by holding a fundraising event, donating items to sell on, or simply giving a small donation please find out more from the website at or contact Ruth on 07900 090993.

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